Narsissa prods Kijari awake.
"Get up, winch! We have miles to travel and now this realm is
foreign to me," Narsissa shouts.
Kijari wakes from a dream of battles long past. "I'm up," she says.
Narsissa and Kijari begin their journey in silence and finally
Narsissa speaks. "I hate you!" Narsissa exclaims.
Kijari freezes in shock. Is it her time to die again?
"Pardon?" Kijari asks.
"I have given my life for you! The mission! The cause! The guild!"
Narsissa shouts.
Kijari sighs and looks hard at her sister, "You were always the
true bringer, and I could hate you just as much. Why not just go on
and let it go? There is nothing for you there now."
Narsissa stops in her tracks and turns an icy glare on Kijari. "I
hate you! You have deluged up memories of everything lost and you
will leave me alone!"
Kijari turns to Narsissa and shouts, "Did you think about me? Ever?
I think not! It's my time, you bitch! I will die for you no more!"
Narsissa staggers back from Kijari's aggression and laughs. "You
will need me. Mark my words!"
The sisters continue their journey. Both are lost in thought.